AT&T Boost

“Blown away.” – Lori Lee, SVP, AT&T

What we did

AT&T’s Global Marketing Organization (GMO) is a highly diverse, multi-talented group of about 300 employees, 36 of whom are senior leaders. With so many group members, it’s impossible for any one person to know the skills and hidden talents of everyone else when an opportunity arises to get their insight and help.

Internal research indicated that the millennial-skewed group was looking for more ways to collaborate directly with senior leadership for mentorship and to “stretch their legs” with activities outside of their regular job duties. Senior Leadership wanted the same, to ensure that their employees had opportunities to gain new skills and receive the learning and growth benefits of working across different projects. 

The initial target was several dozen projects with a long-term goal in the 100’s. Within the first few hours of launch, 30% of the GMO had registered, 32 projects had been created, and 12 projects already had employees offering to work on them.


Unlock the hidden skills and talents of the GMO and create new mentorship and learning opportunities.

The work

AT&T’s solution was a fun and compelling virtual marketplace that engaged employees and showcased their skill sets. A place where leadership could explain current projects and challenges they’re looking to solve, and employees could indicate their interest in solving them.

It had to be simple enough that senior leadership could complete and submit a project form in less than 60 seconds, and employees needed to be able to indicate their interest in a project in less than 30 seconds – ideally with just one tap. 

Ease of use on mobile and speed of interaction were critical factors in the design process. SMITH conducted stakeholder interviews to create user journeys while rapidly iterating on mobile-first wireframes with ongoing client feedback. 

With speed in mind, a dashboard was designed to anchor the marketplace experience and provide an at-a-glance snapshot of current projects, people, and activity. For the application to be successfully adopted, it needed to be both robust – meeting the critical use cases – and essentially invisible through its simplicity.

Once core functionality and flows were established, AT&T challenged SMITH to “think outside of the box” for the design approach. As an internal-facing platform, standard brand guidelines weren’t a constraint. Several options were presented, and the winning approach used bold blocks of color to capture the energy and inspiration of BOOST.

To launch the application at the GMO Town Hall, SMITH created a high-energy sizzle video that conveyed the spirit of teamwork and empowerment that triggered the original inception of the initiative.

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