“The SMITH team continues to be a great partner in educating and supporting our front-line sales teams.”


With over 250,000 frontline sales representatives and call center associates, AT&T’s sales force has more personnel than the United States Marine Corps. These sellers are responsible for guiding consumers and business buyers through the complexities of selecting mobile devices, mobility rate plans, internet packages, entertainment offerings, and other related services.

In a dynamic environment that requires continuous evolution of products, technologies, plans and services, a highly intuitive digital experience tailored for AT&T staff is crucial to enable seller success and foster positive customer sentiment through the purchase cycle.

Based on over a decade of partnership, AT&T approached SMITH for assistance with solving a mission-critical problem. The complex ordering system sales reps were using to help customers choose their mobility devices and plans required time-consuming calculations and was preventing AT&T employees from doing their best work. A solution was needed that would be easy for sellers to use while interacting with customers, and which would enable them to focus on building a connection and pinpointing customer needs rather than weaving through a more complex interface.

SMITH was enlisted to help AT&T develop an all-new suite of user-friendly sales tools.



Phase one of SMITH’s mission for AT&T was the creation and rollout of a user-centered Rate Plan Calculator. This tool enabled sellers to rapidly create an AT&T mobility service quote via a streamlined and simplified flow, which could then be shared directly with either prospective or existing customers. This handy mobile application—conceived and developed by SMITH—opened the door to a new way for sellers and customers to connect and resulted in a tangible takeaway for customers that extended beyond the limitations of the in-store experience.

The adoption and sustained usage of the Rate Plan Calculator was immense—there were 10.3 million user sessions in 2019 alone, and AT&T sellers used the tool to configure 14.1 million mobility plans. The AT&T Rate Plan Calculator was such an immediate hit with sales staff and customers that AT&T decided to leverage SMITH’s creativity to develop additional sales tools for other channels and product teams.

Since then, SMITH has collaborated strategically with AT&T stakeholders to incorporate user research and analytics, user feedback, and business priorities into additional phases of tool launches and optimization. What started as a simple calculator has expanded into a comprehensive suite of tools that educate, support, and guide sellers by providing them with the information and features they need to create and reinforce positive connections with customers.

Additional core tools SMITH designed and developed for the suite include:

  • Mobile Sales Tool – The hub at the center of the sales tools suite that bridges users to the latest content relating to AT&T products and promotions; this tool is an AT&T seller’s pocket dictionary
  • Quick Quote – A calculation tool that facilitates creation of mobility and entertainment sales quotes with a simple, user-friendly output for customers
  • Business Sales Tool (BST) – A quoting tool tailored to the business channel, which is used to assist 2500+ direct sellers in boosting revenue and improving close rates
  • Devices Tool – An internal-facing tool used by sellers to quickly search for AT&T’s line-up of devices and view/compare device specifications
  • Branded Content Hubs – For both AT&T’s THANKS loyalty program and HBO Max, content hubs that offer special features to keep sellers informed with the latest program updates and customer support facilitation

Bolstered by impressive user engagement metrics that have maintained a sharp upward climb year-over-year since launch, the sales tool suite is maturing into a sales tool ecosystem—a dynamic inter-connected environment that continues to evolve and expand in its capabilities to meet business needs, such as:

  • Educating and instilling confidence in sellers
  • Enabling sellers to efficiently configure product and service options for both prospective and established customers
  • Showcasing and comparing the features, capabilities and current promotions of AT&T’s entire lineup of devices
  • Facilitating the sales flow and ensuring top-of-mind status for customers by providing take-home sales material
  • Optimizing all information and content using data-driven seller insights and research to further drive engagement and improve tool and seller performance


The response to the AT&T Sales Tools speaks to how hungry today’s sales force is for seller-centered tools and engaging content that seamlessly integrates into the context of their daily workflow. A few highlights from the data that give insight to tool performance:

  • User engagement has seen remarkable and sustained growth. Between 2016 and 2019, users of the Mobile Sales Tools increased by 235%, sessions increased by 163%, and pageviews increased by 138%.
  • The average value of plans sold has increased. The annualized value of plans configured using the Mobile Sales Tools in 2019 was 53.8% higher than the previous year.
  • New customer engagement opportunities launched within the Mobile Sales Tool have generated impressive results. A program that encouraged sellers to text customers a link to the THANKS app download generated a 609% increase in app users.
  • Interface adjustments have driven new behavior. An initiative to raise seller awareness of HBO and premium entertainment content resulted in a page traffic increase of approximately 396% month-over-month from February to March 2019.

The data alone makes a compelling argument for tool performance. However, the most resonant stories are those told by sellers themselves, who turn to the AT&T Sales Tools day in and day out to help them achieve their own success:

“This is amazing. The implementation of the promos being built into this UI is great. Effortless and quick. Thank you for this!”


“The SMITH team continues to be a great partner in educating and supporting our front-line sales teams.” – David Stockman, Lead Product Marketing Manager, AT&T Mobility & Entertainment

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