Social Media Resource Center

Creating a centralized online location for employees to learn more about the brands' social media policies, programs and training requirements.


A common challenge faced by large companies is the organic nature of the growth of their social media channels. Easy to launch by any marketing team, and useful for a range of needs, they often proliferate without a centralized control system and set of guidelines in place.

AT&T needed to create a centralized online location for employees to learn more about the brands’ social media policies, programs and training requirements.

But a centralized resource center was only the first challenge. With so many groups in such a large organization making requests for approval, manual systems become unwieldy, and managers found themselves in the role of playing air traffic control dealing with requests under an ad-hoc governance system.

More than just guidelines, the brand needed a simplified, automatic system for communication and control around the creation and management of social media accounts across the organization.


Create a one-stop web-application to handle the complexity of the process. This included serving as a front door for new account and change requests, routing requests to authorized approvers, housing social media documents, including standards and training materials, and automating notifications sent to employees and supervisors.

The work

With so many stakeholders and complex requirements across the organization, SMITH’s Water-Scrum-Fall methodology was an ideal approach. Planning and Requirements, UX and Design were managed in the waterfall process. Work continued in agile sprints with multiple touch-points and client reviews during development.

Once the key users were identified, SMITH worked with the stakeholders to generate insights, map user flows and uncover edge cases with the goal of ensuring that the system transformed complex processes into light and intuitive workflows.

As with any initiative, adoption is critical to success. If the newly designed digital processes weren’t as intuitive and straightforward as the original ad-hoc processes, the program wouldn’t work. The value of Water-Scrum-Fall demonstrates its value here by combining the foundational requirements captured in Waterfall, with flexibility for ongoing optimization and change in Agile as clients provided insightful feedback on-the-fly during development.

The resulting site gives social media managers everything they need to be successful, from managing their own training progress in social media to granting access to partner agencies who are helping manage elements on their own. API keys can be requested via the system, for cross platform integration on required projects, and guidance sought around topics ranging from Hashtag use to influencer requests.

The Results

  • SMRC allows AT&T’s social media governance team the ability to provision and easily track over 1,400 social media account relationships.
  • SMRC includes learning management, email communication, reporting, and a workflow engine that facilitates 8 complex custom workflows spanning over 60 workflow states.
  • With the tool now available across the entire enterprise, it has saved users time and created a standard level of social media education while protecting the AT&T brand through better governance.

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