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Creating an intuitive, user-friendly, super-effective mobile experience that helps keep the train-traveling public on track.

What we did

The Amtrak for Android app provides passengers with the ability to book travel, change reservations, monitor train status, and take advantage of electronic ticketing using their Android mobile devices. Available via Google Play and Amazon, Amtrak for Android expands support for smartphones and tablets in order to provide passengers a more seamless and flexible travel experience – one that empowers users to make multiple decisions on-the-go.


With Android dominating the smartphone market, Amtrak thought their users deserved an exceptional mobile experience to handle all things Amtrak.


  • 2013 Communicator Award of Distinction, Mobile Apps Travel
  • 2013 MobileWeb Award, Outstanding Mobile Application

The work

With Android dominating the smartphone market, Amtrak wanted to be sure those users had an exceptional mobile experience. So that’s what we delivered.

To learn what users wanted, we took real prototypes onboard trains. We observed what people wanted to do on their journey and how the app could play a principal role in transforming their experience.

While incorporating rider feedback, the Android app leveraged the design system established with the iOS app, while offering a customized Android UI to benefit the mindset of different users.

The Amtrak for Android app currently has a 4-star rating in the Google Play Store with over 11,000 downloads.

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