VNI Program

Finding a way to make the network relevant.

What we did

Now in its fourth year, the Global Internet Speed Test App (GIST) has been downloaded over 1 million times, with worldwide users conducting tests daily. Expansions on this program include web visualizations, animated infographics, and customizable graphs that analysts can use to share Cisco’s data.

The work

Cisco builds the technology that makes the Internet work—which is incredibly cool. But finding ways to make it relevant can be tough. That’s when Cisco calls on SMITH.

Creating ways to help users understand the value of Cisco’s networking technology can be both fun and challenging. Take, for example, SMITH’s work around Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) program—a thought leadership initiative designed to help share data on worldwide networking activity and explore future trends. SMITH has not only designed and executed projects that make this data more easily consumable and understandable through rich visualizations and interactive experiences, but also been able help Cisco capture new data that adds additional insights and increases its value.

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