Best of both worlds

More games for more gamers in more ways and more places than ever before.

What we did

Create an online experience that allows users to optimize their shopping experiences both on the web and in the store.


Provide an online shopping experience that integrates the company’s 6,700 physical locations


Enables pre-ordering for pick-up at GameStop locations. Users can apply trade-in credits to online purchases.


Increased web traffic by 14% and the length of site visits by an additional 10%

The work

GameStop operates almost 6,700 retail stores worldwide and is the largest video game retailer on the planet. But its ecommerce experience wasn’t keeping up with its prestige as a gaming industry giant. So GameStop called SMITH.

Recognizing that purchase paths no longer segregate themselves neatly into either online or brick-and-mortar locations, we designed and built a flexible site that seamlessly accommodates both.

We also enabled in-store pickup of online pre-orders through — and if you’ve ever stood in one of those midnight lines for a new title’s release, you know what a lifesaver that can be.

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