Industrial Tooling & Material Supplier

Industrial Tooling & Material Supplier Implements New Digital Ecosystem for Commerce Growth & Optimization


With nearly $2 billion in revenue, approximately 9,000 employees, and customers in more than 60 countries, SMITH’s client is a global company with a large industrial footprint. The company helps customers across aerospace, earthworks, energy, engineering and transportation to manufacture with precision and efficiency through materials science, tooling and wear-resistant solutions.


As the company continues to expand its global operations, it recognized the need to replace its existing ecommerce platform with a more scalable and feature-rich enterprise system – one that could become the foundation on which to build an optimized customer experience and accelerate digital sales.



SMITH worked with the industrial tooling and material supplier to develop a results-oriented technology roadmap that included the implementation and integration of SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC), and Qualtrics. The project also included the integration of Stibo Systems Enterprise Platform (STEP) for master data management with SAP Commerce Cloud, and the upgrade and integration of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for content management.

By integrating AEM with SAP Commerce Cloud, the browsing and search experience could be powered by real-time data from SAP Commerce Cloud with AEM as the presentation layer. Leveraging SMITH’s proprietary ACT for AEM, SMITH was able to simplify the integration between the two systems, as the complementary strengths of both the commerce and AEM content management system (CMS) allow each applications' functionality to operate without extensive customization. Benefits of using ACT included enhanced commerce authoring features, Solr administration for content search and content components, as well as access to ACT's proven framework of best practices and utilities for improved reusability, maintainability, and speed to market. ACT also provides built-in SEO enhancements, component encapsulation, administration screens and proper inheritance.

Adobe Dynamic Media integrated with AEM was selected as the digital asset manager (DAM) for product and marketing assets, with CDC serving as the customer manager to secure authentication and master information and drive authorization, customer profile and personalization. SMITH also developed the integration between CDC and Qualtrics to transfer and synchronize CDC profiles to enable comprehensive customer data and consent management. Now, all the other customer related data, including transactions and interactions, integrates with Qualtrics to create unified customer profiles.


SMITH was able to complete the upgrade of AEM and the implementation and integration of SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP CDC, and Qualtrics within a six-month timeline, launching four branded sites in 16 languages and creating the base for a customer-centric experience platform that could scale. The company’s improved digital commerce system is driving real results. In just the first month after launch, the new website had generated as many orders as the previous website had in an entire year. With seamless integration between commerce and content, as well as unified customer data for experience management, "SMITH's ACT for AEM has been a game-changer for [the company],” said the company’s Manager of Business Integration and Digital Marketing. As a result, the tool and industrial material supplier now has the technology tools it needs for global growth in an increasingly digital economy.

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