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Global Medical Technology Supplier Leverages SAP Commerce Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager to Launch International Websites in Just Four Months


SMITH’s customer, a global leader in medical technology with a mission of enhancing outcomes for patients and their caregivers, required a robust digital commerce platform that could handle regional requirements as well as eight different languages. After recently relaunching  its main website on SAP Commerce Cloud for an improved customer experience (CX) and better scalability, the company was ready to begin the relaunch of its regional sites as well. While the customer’s first priority was an accelerated launch of new regional sites for the UK and Latin America, empowering the team to quickly and easily launch the subsequent regional sites with just their own in-house team was also an important objective. Looking for a digital agency that would bring a high-level of teamwork and transparency to the project, as well as proven expertise in both SAP Commerce Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), SMITH was called in.


Over the course of the rollout of the regional websites, SMITH worked closely with the customer's team to create a process that they could execute independently moving forward. SMITH began by upgrading AEM, the customer's content management system (CMS). Next, SMITH utilized AEM's multi-site management feature paired with a translation connector to feed content to Lionbridge for Spanish and UK English translations. The project also required significant code factoring to ensure the correct display of product and service offerings on each regional site, search engine optimization (SEO) and compliance with data privacy regulations, including GDPR.

Medical Technology Supplier


In less than four months, the client was able to launch optimized regional sites for the UK and Latin America markets. Empowering their content and marketing teams with SAP and AEM tools has provided staff with a heightened level of project ownership. Now that they are no longer dependent on coders' expertise, their content marketing team can create and post new regional content on their own schedule as they roll out new sites.

Having successfully passed the torch on regional websites to the customer's internal team, SMITH is now focusing on providing additional value-add services to improve their online experience, including enhancing their customer portal, improving authenticated login and optimizing their ticket and return processes.

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