PC Selector

Providing retail customers with an engaging experience.

What we did

Designed, developed, and deployed a multi-brand Windows PC finder that guides customers through the product selection process.

  • Brand look/feel
  • Customized Q&A
  • Recommendation logic
  • Cross-sell logic
  • Social sharing integration
  • Educational content
  • Comparison functionality
  • Integration to PDP or cart


  • 2013 Communicator Award of Excellence, Interactive Multi-Media - Direct Marketing
  • 2013 Communicator Award of Distinction, Online Communicator Advertising and Marketing - Rich Media B2C

The work

Choosing the right computer can be tough. There are hundreds of brands and models to sort through—and any of them could be right for someone. So Microsoft decided to face the PC shopper’s dilemma and turned to SMITH for solutions.

Our answer was to create an online guided selling tool—Windows PC Selector—that helps PC buyers sort through a vast and potentially confusing array of choices to help them find the PC best suited for their needs. But that was just the beginning. Our initial solution proved to be just the first step in a highly successful experience evolution—beginning as an online self-help on the Windows website, then appearing as in-store kiosks (in the U.S. and U.K.), and finally, engaging customers as interactive online experiences with major retail partners like Staples, Office Depot, and Best Buy. In addition, we developed a fully responsive version for smartphone and tablet users.

The results: Consumers benefit from access to product information, education, easier engagement, and higher purchase confidence. Microsoft benefits from new upsell and cross-sell opportunities and higher conversion rates. Everybody wins.

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