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"You can tell they care very much about the outcomes they are driving and in helping Sinclair Dental be more successful."


Sinclair Dental was founded in 1971 and has been a key player in Canada’s dental industry for the past three decades. The company provides dental clinics with a one-stop shop for dental supplies and equipment as well as maintenance and practice design services. In addition to selling from 11 show rooms and service centers across Canada, Sinclair Dental also sells to dental clinics through its bilingual website. After implementing SAP Commerce in 2017, the company wanted to continue to improve upon the site experience for its customers. Sinclair Dental had a decision to make…hire more IT staff internally or outsource the website work.


SMITH proposed its Application Management Services (AMS) to Sinclair Dental. Through an AMS partnership, SMITH would provide day-to-day support for the SAP Commerce platform, as well as manage the development, testing, and release of website enhancements. This approach would allow Sinclair Dental to leverage cross functional experts from SMITH’s team, including staff from strategy, design, development, production, and quality assurance. Sinclair Dental chose SMITH’s AMS option, knowing the incredible flexibility of this model would allow them to prioritize work and pivot quickly based on the needs of the business.

With online sales generating close to double the revenue in 2020 than before the initial SAP platform launch, Sinclair Dental wanted to take a proactive approach to addressing the needs of the busy professionals it serves by increasing its site speed. SMITH conducted a thorough review of Sinclair Dental’s website front-end and back-end as well as its IT infrastructure to identify areas for improvement. Based on the results of SMITH’s analysis, SMITH proposed a continuous improvement road map with enhancements to product search, user experience (UI), and several other areas. The site improvements which are now in progress and on the roadmap will focus on driving a positive return on investment (ROI) for Sinclair Dental.



SMITH has been providing Sinclair Dental with bilingual technical support through its AMS for SAP Commerce for over 4 years. Over that time, SMITH’s relationship with Sinclair Dental’s IT staff has expanded from merely being a vendor to becoming a trusted partner. Sinclair can easily tap into SMITH’s valuable SAP expertise at any time as they work to continuously improve their online experience.


“Since 2017, SMITH has become a trusted partner and advisor to Sinclair Dental. We really appreciate their professionalism and expertise. You can tell they care very much about the outcomes they are driving and in helping Sinclair Dental be more successful.”
– Ali Nowtash, Vice President, Marketing and Purchasing, Sinclair Dental

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