New bridge between Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and commerce platforms delivers fluid, in-context page authoring in customer-view.

(Las Vegas, NV)  SMITH, the Architects of Future Commerce, today announce the launch of Accelerated Commerce Tools (ACT) for AEM at Adobe Summit. ACT is designed to bring AEM’s best-in-class authoring to commerce for omnichannel customer experience through deeper connective tissues between AEM and a commerce platform. Focused on seamless integration of commerce data and marketing content for complete control over product information, ACT allows authoring in-context, illustrating exactly how end-users will see the pages.

With ACT, we’re unlocking the true ecommerce potential of AEM,” says Ryan Heusinkveld, CTO of SMITH. “ACT creates fluidity for the content and commerce marketer, allowing them to create the outcome the customer will see as they work, reducing the complexity of managing the experience in two systems, while getting the most of both with less effort.

Dynamic commerce components allow marketers the ability to enhance commerce data and add marketing content. Commerce display configurations enable commerce data to be controlled at multiple site levels to enable multiple bands, locales and categories to utilize the same components. Product search within the content finder will allow marketers to quickly access commerce data to utilize within AEM.

Features include:
  • Product Data Authoring
  • Product Display Controls
  • Product Search
  • Marketing Content
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) Integration
  • Dynamic Product Display (PDP) Pages

The biggest theme we see in conversation with our clients is the notion of unification of their customer experience – the desire to be seamless, like an Uber or Amazon. As we work with our partners in creating their commerce and content experiences, our aim is to first make it seamless for the marketer, helping them focus on the bigger picture, rather than technology management,” notes Christina Lagoda, VP, Strategy at SMITH.

The new product continues a trend of expansion at SMITH, with 45% growth in 2017 along with the opening of a new office in Dayton, Ohio, a new location in Seattle, Washington, and a major renovation in Gatineau, Quebec. As customer expectations for intelligent, on-demand services increases, SMITH’s expertise in helping brands transform commerce and adapt to changing marketplace dynamics continues to drive this growth.

The SMITH team is at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, March 25-29, 2018. Learn more about ACT here.

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